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Thank you for visiting my Website. I am a big Elvis fan as you will see. I hope you enjoy my tribute to Elvis the greatest entertainer to ever grace a stage. Take a look around and check out my videos and my recordings and don't forget the photos. I would love to have you as a friend so leave a comment or contact me directly. Stop by on a regular basis for updates on my career. Elvis fans are the best and if you ever see me at an event please come over to say hello. I really want to meet you.

Elvis has had a very positive effect on my life and for me to be able to portray him as a Tribute artist is an honor. I can truly say that it is a passion for me. I'm always looking forward to the next show and next Elvis fan I can talk to that shares the love for his music as I do. I have said this many times to anyone who would listen and that is that even after 42 years since his passing Elvis is still bringing people together that would never have met if it were not for him. He still continues to bring joy and happiness to everyone I meet throughout the year.  He was certainly a gift from God that was only here a short time, but his legacy will go on forever.