Richie Santa is a singer/Elvis Tribute Artist, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and now lives in NJ,  only 16 miles from where he initially grew up.


Being exposed to Elvis at the early age of eight, Richie was instantly a fan! As the oldest of three boys, Richie would share his love for music and Elvis with his brother Robert, who is also an entertainer. Trying to sing and move like the KING became an everyday occurrence in the Santa household.


Richie's career started with a band called Neighborhood Jukebox. The jukebox was an oldies band and some highlights included opening up for Roy Orbison and singing live on the Don K. Reed Do Wop-Shop Radio show on CBS's 101.1 FM. 


Richie also sang the title track to a short-lived TV show called FAST FORWARD.


It was around that time that a friend and then unknown comic from Brooklyn named "Andrew Dice Clay" had gotten his big break and asked Richie and his band to back him up at such venues as  PHILI SPECTRUM, LA FORUM, NASSAU COLISEUM, etc..  Richie also got the chance to meet many stars along the way such as  Jerry Lewis, Danny Aiello, Arnold Swartzenager and Rodney Dangerfield Etc...


The highlight to touring with Andrew Dice Clay came when the movie DICE  RULES was filmed at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Richie still remains good friends with Andrew and on occasion will still perform with him.


Performing thousands of shows, Richie has covered many different artists such as Frank Sinatra, Frankie Vali, Andrea Bocelli, Journey, Aerosmith, AC DC, Al Green, Michael Buble, Bon Jovi, and the list goes on and on. Although covering this artist are enjoyable and great in their own right,  Know one has influenced him like the "KING"


Elvis is the reason Richie became an entertainer and WHY he is still going strong today! The last 12 years have been exciting as Richie has been pursuing his career as a Tribute Artist. Being the same height and weight as Elvis in his prime makes his show a more believable experience. Then add the power of Richie's voice and the transformation is complete.

 Richie has performed over 900 shows as an Elvis Tribute Artist focusing on the Vegas concert years. Most of these shows have been private affairs, but just  8 years ago Richie decided to get more involved. Richie was part of Elvis Fest at the Hilton in Las Vegas. Soon after that Richie was off to Memphis for Elvis week. While in Memphis he performed at the Cedar Hotel and at Graceland Plaza and also competed in IMAGES OF THE KING where he made it to the finals. Since then Richie competed in the Pocono Mountains, Lake George, and New Hampshire etc..


Richie can be seen in the movie NERVE and has been a guest on  Geri Petito show on Hamilton radio numerous times. Other Hamilton radio shows Richie's been on are Dj Dani show, the wisecracking show with Dave Weiskopf and The Round Table show with John Brecko.  He's also made an appearance on Ava's casual chat cable tv show, the Colleen Kavanaugh Podcast and
Tom Hogan host of " Music By Family and Friends " Cape May radio.
Blastzone Mike's Facebook Live show

The Love and respect Richie has for Elvis is evident in all his performances!


Anyone who knows about Elvis knows how much he cared about his career and how much he loved his fans and treated them with kindness patience and respect.


Being a personable person by nature, Richie truly enjoys all the fans he has met along the way to celebrate the KINGs music. There will never be another Elvis Presley. He lit the torch, but as long as his fans enjoy and support all the ETA's, then Richie will continue to perform his show with the passion and the commitment to the greatest entertainer ever to grace a stage!


Abbreviated list of Venues


Malt Shop Cruise 




Tangerine community center   Florida

The Long Island Club                   Florida

Becall Rec center                           Florida

Eisenhower  Rec center         Florida
Odell Rec center                       Florida

Mulberry Rec center               Florida

Mount Dora theater                Florida

Lake Miona CC                          Florida

Elvis Remembered  Club      Florida

Studio 53                                    Florida

Zellwood CC                 Florida

City Fire                                       Florida
Englewood Event Center      Florida
Boca Black Box                         Florida

Hattfields                     Florida



Plaza Grand community          New  Jersey

The Villages Community      New Jersey

Fairway Mews Community  New Jersey

Strand Theater                          New Jersey

Four Seasons community     New Jersey

Sonata Bay Clubhouse           New Jersey
Pugillos Restaurant                New Jersey

Brick House Bar n Grill          New Jersey


Barrow Civic Theater             PA

Amish Country Theater      Berlin Ohio



Puglia's of Hester                   Staten Island NY

Casa Verdi restaurant            Staten Island NY

Grand Plaza Hall                      Staten Island NY

Z-two Restaurant                     Staten Island NY


Graceland Plaza                           Memphis

Cannon Center                         Memphis

Daisy Theater                            Memphis


Mulcahys                                    Long Island NY

Westbury Country Club        Long Island NY

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino  Hogansburg, NY

World Resort Casino               Queens NY

Metropolitan Room                NYC


Ryman Auditorium                 Nashville

Opry Mills Mall                         Nashville



Sample Track

Sample Video

I Cant Stop Loving You - Strand Theater 1-14-17
You Gave Me A Mountain - Strand Theater 1-14-17